Removing "Savage" Out Of Our Business Name

Removing "Savage" Out Of Our Business Name

When we came up with the name Savage Cosmetics, we designed our brand to exemplify the boldness, confidence, and fierceness of not only women, but our children and even men, everywhere. Our brand encourages those to fulfill their purpose, embrace who they are, and not apologize for their greatness. Whether you’ve been called bougie, sassy, loud, nerdy, free-spirited, or too spiritual, be encouraged to live your best life, being your fiercest self, embracing you to be with no apologies.

The word savage has been enthusiastically embraced by popular culture. We hear the word in songs and always related it to being unapologetic. It feels as if the word has been completely separated from its racist past — and that belief made us feel justified in continuing to create our products and express our brand under the name.

But despite its origins, it is an indisputable fact that the word savage was used as a racial slur to describe Native American and Indigenous people for a period of time — and is still used today by some racist people. It is a fact that this word is still deeply offensive and hurtful to many people. And recognizing that fact is what ultimately brought us to the decision to change our name.

The word ‘savage’ didn’t start out meaning ‘bad ass’.  Colonizers weren’t calling indigenous people ‘savages’ as a term of endearment to describe how 'badass' they were. In fact, in the Declaration of Independence, indigenous people are referred to as, “merciless Indian savages.”  The word was used to dehumanize indigenous people and justify genocide.  Continuing to use this word is disrespectful and disregards the systematic oppression and racism that indigenous people still face today.


What I realized from the overwhelming amount of responses I received, is many people have never taken the time to realize how much some words matter.  They matter a lot.  When people disregard the historical and complicated origins of words in favor of using a word as slang, we disregard the feelings of people who suffered hundreds of years of oppression and continue to be oppressed today.

We have chosen the name Alternative Cosmetics, or ALT. for short, as I personally feel it represents our brand. We still want to be that company that isn't just selling you bath bombs, but build a community that supports you being your alternative you. 

What does being an alternative mean to our brand and business?

Living an alternative lifestyle is a lifestyle perceived to be outside the cultural norm. Not your everyday Nick and Jane are going to want to bath in the glory of bath dongs- but our alternative peeps do. 


While creating and producing high quality products will always be important, caring for the well-being of our followers and customers is SO important for us. 


Whether you are a mom, or you work long hours, or maybe you just need a fucking break for whatever reason, here at ALT. Cosmetics we want to be there to support you. 

So if you need a giant Wild Willy Bath Dong, or maybe you just had a baby and past the 6 week mark and can finally have a bath with our Body Positive Bath Bomb, or your 6 year old refused to hop in the bath/shower for the 3rd day in a row and a bath bomb will finally get them in, we will will always have something for any mood, desire, or celebration.

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