5 Ways To Love Yourself

5 Ways To Love Yourself

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We wanted to start off the year of 2021 with talking about self-love, before the rest of the year hits and we are more consumed with showing other people how much we love them, or expecting people to show us the love we don’t show ourselves for Valentine’s day.
I know you’ve heard that saying, “You can’t truly love someone else until you love yourself,” and while there are ways around this, we find it quite valuable to start with self, and let it trickle outwards from there.
It might feel different, and it will feel good, to put yourself first, and share that beaming love with the other people in your life.


Yes, loving yourself is a full-time job on its own – which is probably why so many of us skimp out on loving ourselves, because we already work a full-time job during the day.
We are here to share with you the plethora of ways you can show yourself some love, starting today, without taking too much time out of your busy day – get Savage about your self-care, squeeze it into any moment you find available.
Warning, this may become addictive and you may find yourself wanting to work overtime!
We’ve identified five ideas that can help you love on yourself – try one, a mix of some, all of them, or make up your own that works for you!

Take a time-out for yourself.

Even a five-minute reset can be just enough to give you that momentum to get you through the rest of your busy day, or to calm you and put you at ease before shutting your eyes for the sleep that you are desperately needing.
Some five-minute ideas:
  • Stretch/yoga
  • Meditate
  • Massage your own feet!
  • Write what you are grateful for today
  • Make a cup of your favorite tea

Listen to your needs – this includes saying no when you need to!

If you’re feeling hungry, you should grab a bite to eat, instead of waiting until you’re starving, or have a headache from lack of nourishment.
If you’re 5-year-old self were hungry, would you make them wait for 5 hours before you fed them? I surely hope not, and if you wouldn’t, why do you do that to your adult self? That’s not showing love to yourself, that’s pushing yourself to the brink of desperation before listening to your body’s needs.
You don’t have to cook a steak dinner every time, you can make the task more obtainable by having carrots or crackers in a baggy, that you can grab the moment you feel hunger.

If you actually don’t want to go see that movie tonight, guess what? You are allowed to say no!
Even if you said yes yesterday, you always have the power to change your mind and let that be known. Sure, the other person might be a bit bummed, but would you rather be bummed and irritable throughout the entire movie just because you don’t want to make your needs known?

If your person loves you, they will be glad to spend time with you when you’re actually feeling like spending some time together.

Buy yourself some flowers!

The next time you go grocery shopping, pick up a bouquet of flowers, for yourself! I’ve heard of some people making this a ritual for themselves, a new bouquet of flowers every week or two.
They add such a vibrant look to the space, and it’s a lasting remember of the love and care that you showed yourself.
Set them on your desk, or on your night side table. They are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you notice them or take a whiff of their fragrance.

Get dressed!

Even if you have nowhere to go!

There is nothing like the feeling of feeling good! Put on your favorite outfit, put on that red lipstick, use your perfume, etc.
If you’re into selfies, take some pictures of your cute self!
If not, just relish in the fact that you took some time out of day to put effort in your appearance, in yourself, into how you feel. Trust me, it seems silly, but it feels so good!

Try a warm bubble bath with one of our fun bath bombs!

 I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have time for a bubble bath”. But let me ask you this, will you be taking a shower instead? How long would that take?
Try replacing one shower with a bubble bath instead and see does yourself not thank you to the moon and back or what?!
There’s this misconception that you need hours to expend for a bubble bath, but honestly, a 5-10-minute bubble bath will still be relaxing!
And the best part is, you can get out after 5 minutes, or you can stretch that time just a tad bit longer because it feels so lovely to care for yourself!
If that’s not convincing enough, I will give you even more ideas on how this can really be done.
Go run your bath water, and while the tub is filling up, go undress and set out your bed time clothes, or work clothes if you’re the bathe in the morning type of person.
You can even set out your lotion or any other things you know you need and use after you cleanse yourself.
Then, throw in your bath bomb and watch the magic happen. Get in, set a timer if you need to, and breathe.
Sit with yourself for at least ONE minute, thank yourself for the love you are showing, and rest. If you’re in a hurry, after one minute, wash and go.
If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, really try to relax.
Bottom line up front: You deserve to be loved and you have the power to love you exactly the way you want and need to be loved.
You will love yourself for taking this time.
Be conscious of how loving yourself multiplies and trickles out to how you engage with and love on others around you. It’s magical.
Leave us a comment and let us know what you tried, what worked, what didn’t work, what did you learn about yourself in the process, anything!
We can’t wait to hear from you and how your self-love journey is kicking up, or has been revamped!
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Taite Scott
Creative Director, Intentional Media LLC
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