ALT. Cosmetics Core Ingredients

Discover and reveal your best alternative self—naturally. 

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp oil is perfect for most skin types as it can moisturize without clogging your pores, which is why it is our favorite ingredient in our bath bombs It can even help to balance out oily skin, hydrating it, and regulating the production. 

Shea Butter

Shea butter has been proven to have extensive anti-inflammatory properties. Redness and swelling on your face may be calmed by applying shea butter products. The rich tree-nut oils in shea butter can soak into your skin, creating a smooth and soft barrier that seals in moisture. This moisturizing effect can last several hours.

Cocoa Butter

The fat in cocoa butter forms a protective barrier over skin to hold in moisture. Cocoa butter is also rich in natural plant compounds called phytochemicals. These substances may improve blood flow to the skin and slow skin aging by protecting against damage from the sun's harmful UV rays.


Cane Sugar is a natural, mild abrasive that can help to remove dry, flaky skin cells and brighten tired, dull looking skin. It's a natural humectant, so it helps retain moisture in the skin. It’s a natural source of Glycolic Acid (AHA), which helps to break down dead, flaky skin and help support cell turnover. View products that contain Cane Sugar here.


Avocado oil contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, and beta carotene, potassium and lecithin, that can readily nourish and moisturize the skin.

Baking Soda

It's gentle but abrasive nature are ideal in the place of harsh exfoliators, and it can also help to deodorize to keep the body smelling fresh. It's alkaline pH is gentle on skin and has even been found to soothe and calm it

Citric Acid

Packed with antioxidants, citric acid will protect the skin’s barrier from everyday aggressors you unknowingly encounter as soon as you step outside your door. Pollution, environmental and toxins, all ready to cause damage to the skin leading to breakouts and premature ageing. With citric acid fighting your corner, rest assured your skin will remain healthy with the first signs of ageing diminished.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate is derived from coconut oil, is a safe, skin-friendly surfactant (foaming agent) for both skin and hair. This mild plant-derived surfactant creates a rich, luxurious lather that effectively removes surface oil, dirt, and bacteria without stripping or drying sensitive skin. We use this ingredient in our bath bombs to give it that beautiful foam!

Polysorbate 80

Polysorbate 80 is regarded as a safe chemical in skincare and is used as an emulsifier to combine oil and water. Because a lot of our bath bombs contain high pigmentation,  we use Polysorbate 80 in our bath bombs to prevent any staining. Historically there are concerns about the presence of ethylene oxide and the ethoxylation process by which this ingredient is made. This concern stems from the production of 1,4-dioxane during the ethoxylation process. 1,4-dioxane has been linked to some forms of cancer. This is concerning however, manufacturing processes have been put in place to ensure that 1,4-dioxane is not present in the final product and polysorbate 80 is measured for impurities in the manufacturing process. It is also important to note that many of the studies that informed the link made between cancer and 1,4-dioxane specifically tested 1,4-dioxane not polysorbate 80. 



Alternative Cosmetics is a luxury bath and body company that produces high quality bath and skin care products made locally in Edmonton Alberta. 

We’ve always believed in the idea that what we put onto our skin should always be of extremely high quality. As it should be!  Everyone’s face and body are a work of art and we wanted to create magical products that help you get in the mood and go nude.

It's SO important to take even just a few minutes a day to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. Whether it's taking a long hot bath, or sparking up that joint after the kids have gone to bed, our goal is to create products that help induce you to crack down and love your soul, body and mind.

Through countless hours of research and experimentation with different formulas, we came across the incredible properties of hemp. Hemp, which is a strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant, has specific natural oils that are not produced by the body, but are fundamental in skin health, helping with aging skin, moderating oil production and keeping the face and body at a perfect moisture.

We pride ourselves in using professional developed recipes containing only skin nourishing goodness. Free from sulphates, parabens and vegan friendly options!

You'll notice every single product that comes into our hands infused with love. We feel it's equally as important for us to work with  and partner with suppliers  and companies who share the same values as we do.

So here we are. Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself. If you love it like we do, tell someone about it. If not, we don’t blame you. Some secrets are best kept for ourselves.



    Meet Celine, the CEO and Founder, a sassy and lil' badassy self-care enthusiast who shares her love for all things self love and cannabis. As a busy mom of 4 who started this company knitting baby hats to keep herself busy after the birth of her first child, Alternative Cosmetics then evolved from a small knitting hobby, to making soap in her kitchen to now one of Edmonton's top bath and body brands.


    Next is Cory, Celine's husband who plays a crutial part in our packaging and delivery department. You can find him packaging our products and your orders.