We are so excited to have partnered up with Viridis Cannabis to bring you one of  our first of many CBD infused self-care products-  our Viridis Zen Citrus Cannabomb Bath Bomb. 

Viridis cannabis is a Canadian – based (right in Edmonton to be exact!) craft cannabis company growing and selling natural, small – batch, high-quality cannabis for medical and recreational consumption.

Our Zen Citrus CannaBomb bath bomb is infused with cannabidiols and hemp seed oil for luxuriously soft skin, hand made using only the highest quality oils for a unique bathing experience. Melt the stressful and tense feelings from a long difficult day away with one of our citrus Zen Cannabombs, with its relaxing aromas of lime, lemon, and orange to help enhance your selfcare rituals for an uplifting zen awakening in your bathing experience.


Coming soon to rest of Canada.

Click here for a Store Locator map that carry Viridis Cannabis Products.

Will infused Bath Bombs get me high? Nah, you good!

Topicals – ours included – do not cross the body’s blood-brain barrier like cannabis you’d smoke, vape or eat, so they don’t produce a high or intoxicating effect.

Topically, CBD is known to produce anti-inflammatory effects. 

Some users report slightly sedating, calming effects from using cannabis infused bath bombs. Other reported effects include clarity of mind, decreased anxiety and increased mental alertness.


So you FINALLY found the time to unwind and practice self-care with one of our cannabombs. What's next? Follow these quick tips to get the best experience:
  • Start with a clean tub. Run a hot, steamy bath, light some candles and get your ass in there!

  • Unwrap the bath bomb from it's biodegradable packaging. Drop that bomb in the tub and settle in for no less than 45 minutes...but why not stay longer!?

  • Allow the oils to wrap around your body.

  • DO meditate, flick the bean, or watch silly tik tok videos (or even post about your experience you are currently having in the bath), or watch your favorite movie. DON'T text your ex or read the news (good bye negativity!).

  • You won't need to rinse after soaking, as your skin will remain soft from the hemp seed oil and you'll be gently scented too!

  • Drain fully and wipe out residue after use.



Alternative Cosmetics is a luxury bath and body company that produces high quality bath and skin care products made locally in Edmonton Alberta. 

We’ve always believed in the idea that what we put onto our skin should always be of extremely high quality. As it should be!  Everyone’s face and body are a work of art and we wanted to create magical products that help you get in the mood and go nude.

It's SO important to take even just a few minutes a day to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. Whether it's taking a long hot bath, or sparking up that joint after the kids have gone to bed, our goal is to create products that help induce you to crack down and love your soul, body and mind.

Through countless hours of research and experimentation with different formulas, we came across the incredible properties of hemp. Hemp, which is a strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant, has specific natural oils that are not produced by the body, but are fundamental in skin health, helping with aging skin, moderating oil production and keeping the face and body at a perfect moisture.

We pride ourselves in using professional developed recipes containing only skin nourishing goodness. Free from sulphates, parabens and vegan friendly options!

You'll notice every single product that comes into our hands infused with love. We feel it's equally as important for us to work with  and partner with suppliers  and companies who share the same values as we do.

So here we are. Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself. If you love it like we do, tell someone about it. If not, we don’t blame you. Some secrets are best kept for ourselves.



    Meet Celine, the CEO and Founder, a sassy and lil' badassy self-care enthusiast who shares her love for all things self love and cannabis. As a busy mom of 4 who started this company knitting baby hats to keep herself busy after the birth of her first child, Alternative Cosmetics then evolved from a small knitting hobby, to making soap in her kitchen to now one of Edmonton's top bath and body brands.


    Next is Cory, Celine's husband who plays a crutial part in our packaging and delivery department. You can find him packaging our products and your orders.