Product Description

Welcome to Your Personal Chaos Coordinator, the Ultimate Adult Activity Book.

This isn't just about calming your mind—it's a full spectrum revival. Dive into mindfulness worksheets, cognitive worksheets, and embrace unique exercises like the "F*ck that jar," where you'll ditch what drags you down, and "Gratitude with Attitude," for a fresh perspective on the positives. Or find solace in our trauma-focused serenity sessions.

Ready for a mental recess? Grab your pen, and get ready to take a f*cking break!

150 Pages
6 x 9"

What's Inside:
Mindful Exercises
Journal Prompts
Gratitude Worksheets
Colouring Pages
CBT and DBT Worksheets
Trauma-Focused Activities
Brain Games
Neurospicy Bingo
Mindfulness Bingo
Sensory Activities

Featuring incredible artwork by: